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Top 20 premieres at World Cup 2022

With only a few days left before the kick-off, it is a good time to point out why Qatar World Cup is a truly historical tournament, full of accomplishments and milestones.

Here are 20 world’s firsts to be remembered by all football fans. (Please consider these are not all the landmarks brought by this event.)

1. This is the first World Cup ever to be hosted in the Arab world.

2. It is the first World Cup ever organized by a Muslim country.

3. Qatar is the smallest nation to ever host the World Cup (around 3 million inhabitants).

4. Qatar is the smallest territory to ever host the World Cup (less than 12,000 square kilometers).

5. World Cup 2022 is the first tournament not to be held in May, June or July.

6. Qatar is the first host country to build all stadiums, except one, after winning the bid.

7. It is the first host country where most of the stadiums are located in one city.

8. First World Cup where all stadiums are within a 50-kilometer radius.

9. First installment since 1930 where players will not need to take flights to matches, and can remain at the same training base throughout the entire tournament.

10. For the first time in World Cup history, all venues of the tournament will be used for knock-out round matches.

11. First World Cup where all stadiums are equipped with a cooling technology that adapts the temperature to the number of spectators.

12. First host country to build a whole new stadium from shipping containers, named 974 (after the number of containers used).

13. First World Cup stadium that is to be completely dismantled after the tournament (the same 974).

14. First host country to build a subway network from scratch after winning the bid.

15. First World Cup where stadiums include special sensory rooms dedicated to people with autism.

16. Qatar is the first host that considered the visually impaired as well and prepared for them a device called Bonocle, which transfers digital information into the Braille alphabet.

17. First host country to offer a food app that delivers both inside and outside stadiums.

18. First World Cup where female referees are going to officiate men’s games.

19. First offside technology to use 12 mobile cameras that send data to the VAR.

20. First World Cup ball to transmit 500 data per second to the VAR, thanks to its built-in motion sensors.

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