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Qatar’s critical role in the Middle East

Portrait of United states airborne infantryman moving through desert storm.

Colonel Wes Martin retired from active duty in 2010. He was a lieutenant in Germany, leading a platoon securing a nuclear weapons site, served in the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade, as deputy commander and Chief of Military Police supervising Checkpoint Alpha operations. As a captain he served in Field Command, Defense Nuclear Agency as a security inspector of U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force commands throughout the free world. During his combat tours he served as the senior Antiterrorism/Force Protection Officer for all coalition forces in Iraq, and as Commander of Forward Operating Base Ashraf, working with the Iranian Mujahedin.

Col. Wes Martin is well placed to understand the US military and US interests, with extensive experience in the Middle East. In this piece, he gives us some context, past, present and future on why Qatar is such an important stabilizing ally in the region.

Read more on: https://townhall.com/columnists/wesmartin/2023/02/12/qatars-critical-role-in-the-middle-east-n2619422

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