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Let’s cheer together! Football, the force of unity, diversity and progress

French President Emmanuel Macron has praised efforts made by the State of Qatar to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 successful in a tweet after France played against Denmark on Saturday.

In a tweet on his official account, Macron said: “In a world facing a series of crises, we must protect the spirit of sport. Sport must offer a space to bring people together, around universal values.” and after that added “This football World Cup, the first organized in an Arab country, is a sign of tangible changes underway. Qatar is headed in this direction. It must continue, and it can count on our support.”

France played against Denmark on Saturday in second round the of the Group D of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the match ending with France securing a 2-1 victory over Denmark to qualify for the round of 16.

The French President added to celebrate the victory: “To all the teams and nations represented: with every goal scored, cheers of joy reverberate around the world. So let’s cheer together! And… Allez les Bleus !”

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