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Kosher food available at World Cup

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder today issued the following statement: “Earlier this week I made a statement to the press about what I had been told was a lack of kosher food availability in Qatar as it hosts the World Cup 2022. The statement was made in error based on news reports that turned out to be inaccurate. I apologize for not having all of the information at the time the statement was made.

“The Qatari government has graciously facilitated the making of over 600 kosher meals a day by making the Qatar Airways VIP kitchens available for this purpose. We are grateful for this show of friendship and I again apologize for making an erroneous statement based on inaccurate information.”

Read more on: https://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/wjc-issues-clarification-on-kosher-food-at-world-cup

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