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Hijabi football freestyler: Never give up on your dreams

Maymi Asgari, a Hijabi football freestyler had been invited to Qatar 2022 to show her skills, as stated in an Al Jazeera interview.

She says she wants to show young girls that footballers can come from anywhere and don’t all need to look the same.

“I was raised in a ghetto, so we used to play street football with the boys. So the fundamental of my skills started back when I was seven, eight years old with them. And back in 2018, I saw the first girl doing a freestyle video on TikTok and then because I’ve done so much street football back in the time I had like a good technique so I just started trying to do tricks similar to the other TikTokers and Instagrammers and YouTubers and I just, it was easy for me to learn.”

Watch entire Al Jazeera interview here:

Maymi @asgari_freestyle shares on her Instagram account:

“In 2010 I was watching Ronaldinho from home doing skills in the World Cup. 12 years later I get invited to the World Cup in Qatar because of my skills”

See more freestyle football videos on @asgari_freestyle.

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