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Great job Qatar: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his 10/10 World Cup experience

What Zlatan Ibrahimovic truly loves about Qatar is, in one word, everything.

Famously confident and blunt, Zlatan made this clear during a Swedish press conference last Tuesday, giving the highest praise to all aspects of the World Cup experience.

The 41-year-old Milan striker didn’t participate in the Qatar 2022 finals because Sweden sadly didn’t qualify. However, he was spotted attending the final as a guest and was seen enjoying Argentina play France, alongside tennis legend Novak Djokovic.

When asked about his thoughts on both the tournament and the country, Ibrahimovic cheerfully stated: “It was fantastic. As awesome as it gets. I was there for two days with the family.”

He enthusiastically shared his ratings for every aspect he encountered, saying: “The organisation: 10 points. The experience: 10 points. The match: 10 points. Crowd: 10 points. The food: 10 points. The journey: 10 points. Everything was 10 points.”

Not one to mince his words, “Did you want another answer?” Zlatan asked the reporter.

The reporter said he was curious about his experience in light of the criticism the Gulf nation had faced. Zlatan stayed true to his positive outlook and in so doing, made it clear he would not feed the press what it apparently wanted to hear.

Doubling down, Ibrahimovic unapologetically gave an overall flawless score of ten points for the Qatar World Cup 2022.



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