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FIFA World Cup 2026: Celebrating diversity with the launch of individual city brands

For the first time in its history, the FIFA World Cup™ will be showcasing the diversity of its host cities through unique city-specific brands. On Thursday, 18 May 2023, FIFA, together with the Host Countries—Canada, Mexico, and the USA—officially unveiled these novel city brands. The brands, which reflect the individual culture, people, and landscapes of the 16 Host Cities, aim to generate excitement and offer a warm welcome to the world for the upcoming 2026 World Cup.

The launch, commemorated in all the Host Cities, included a myriad of fan-focused activities. Miami displayed the new brand with an elaborate sand sculpture on its famous beach, whilst fan fests and projections were the highlight at Estadio Monterrey. The iconic CN Tower in Toronto lit up with projections of its new World Cup brand, in a grand celebration that extended across the continent.

The Host City Brands, whilst unique, are all rooted in the Official Brand of the FIFA World Cup 26™, which was launched a day prior in Los Angeles. Each brand harmoniously combines the universally recognised sporting symbol with the distinct colours and patterns that each city is known for. In addition, each city has its own ‘WE ARE’ wordmark that can be adopted by residents and fans up until the final whistle.

Colin Smith, FIFA World Cup COO, described the launch as an “exciting collaboration between FIFA and the 16 Host Cities”. He added that the individual brands were a product of months of creative collaboration, with each brand embodying the unique culture, people, and landmarks synonymous with each city.

Central to the Official Brand of the tournament is the ‘WE ARE 26’ campaign. This campaign, which is at the heart of each city brand, allows the Host Cities to tell their own World Cup stories. It features portraits of famous individuals, local communities, and standout destinations, with each city showcasing what sets them apart from others.

For more information on the FIFA World Cup 26™ Official Brand launch, visit FIFAWorldCup.com. Visual content of the celebrations and launch can be found across the individual Host City social media handles. A comprehensive list of these handles is available on the individual Host City pages on FIFAWorldCup.com.

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