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Welcome to Qonversations.
Today, we’ll showcase another three must-visit festivals that will make you more interested in exploring Qatar.

Every year, Katara Cultural Village hosts a 7-day-long international Ajyal Film Festival, which celebrates moving pictures from around the world.
In Arabic, Ajyal means ‘generations’; therefore, the festival is created for all ages.
Filmmakers and artists from around the world are regular attendees of the festival. Besides movie screenings and discussions, visitors can enjoy diverse activities like video game tournaments and music performances.

The next one you shouldn’t miss is Katara Traditional Dhow Festival in Doha.
This festival is like a portal into Qatari’s long tradition that celebrates the Dhow boats that have taken sailors around the Arabian seas and beyond for centuries.
More than 70 boats of varying sizes and traditional designs are on display for visitors to see and experience because there’s a chance of going on a dhow cruise for a scenic 30-minute trip to The Pearl.
The festivalgoers can also enjoy art exhibitions, traditional markets, and fireworks shows.

Continuing with Qatari culture, we present you Doha Cultural Festival.
One of the most important events in Qatar and a must-visit if you want to experience a variety of local traditions and arts. Culture and creativity are expressed through musical performances, local folklore, photography, and other crafts. And they all reflect the country’s rich storytelling traditions. Events take place at several venues throughout Doha and are perfect if you plan a family visit.

All culture lovers now know when to plan a trip to Qatar. Like, share, and subscribe to stay tuned for part 3, where we will explore more Qatari must-visit festivals. See you soon!

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